Seeing the Pet Psychic


Did you know that your pet has a mind of its own? Yes, it’s true.

Sometimes we think of our pet as an extension of ourselves, but pets have personalities that come through loud and clear.

Let me share some of my experiences with you in interacting with pets. The personality of each pet comes through clearly in a reading. Often they have an agenda of items they wish conveyed to their owners, just to make the relationship even better!

Every pet I read about has been aware of how much their owners love them and care about them … sometimes to a fault! There are some things they would like to express to help you love them more their way!

An older cat was very concerned that her owner was so concerned! We’ll call this cat Priscilla. Prissy had an agenda of 5 items she wanted discussed with her owner. She came forward so eagerly in the reading that I knew how relieved she would be to have me act as a “medium”. Prissy could hardly wait to “talk”. Cats and dogs convey ideas differently than humans (from the psychic’s perspective). It isn’t like our “talk”. It is more like chunks of pictures. It isn’t emotional. It is almost exclusively descriptive. There is a definite setting when the communication begins and the pet is picturing himself or herself in the setting for me to see. By the way most of my readings are done over a distance via telephone or email.

Prissy wished that her owner wouldn’t worry about her so much. “I’m holding my own,” she said, “and it doesn’t help that she is fussing over me so much!” I could tell that Prissy had health problems that she didn’t want to get into. Like many older people, she preferred to focus on the positive and enjoy her life although it was more limited than it used to be. When Prissy’s owner worried, Prissy felt down and depressed herself. It would be easier for her to keep a positive state of mind if her owner would do so as well.

This adorable and courageous older cat also wanted it known that she liked to lay on her back when no one was around who might step on her (!) or make her nervous. I have no idea why this was important, but Prissy drew me a very clear psychic picture of how it felt to have her tummy out in the air upside down and just lie there feeling good with her four limbs flopped on the floor to either side.

The next item on Prissy’s list was a person who often came to the house who scratched her on the head between the ears in a perfunctory manner (her word, not mine). This person, Prissy explained, had really bad energy. He used force when “scratching” which was really like a vice grip on her head and practically mashed her into the ground. There were two more items on the list: one house guest caused uncomfortable tension and Prissy emphatically wanted her owner to know this. Prissy explained that she liked seeing her owner and life partner working in the kitchen together because they were so happy. Actually, one of them “worked” and the other watched and kept company. When this person was visiting, however, everything was tense and not comfortable.

Last but not least, Prissy loved to lie on the ledge? sofa? (I couldn’t tell for sure) with her paws hanging over the edge. The important part was the paws. I asked the owner for clarification on this! It seems the owner thinks this is so adorable she invariably wakes Prissy up by tucking her paws “back under”. Now she knows not to do that anymore!

As you can see, pets are like people. They like to express themselves. Did you notice, like I did, that Prissy wasn’t insisting on remedies? Perhaps Prissy knows that if her owner is aware, she will do whatever she can to make Prissy’s life even happier.

One time I read for a little terrier named Misha who seemed to have a life of her own. She was an “only child” and she was a very busy little dog.

As we “talked”, Misha was constantly in motion, circling close to me and then running off, taking care of things in her world. Misha wanted her owner to know that she approved of the new bushes in the backyard. She also liked the chair in the living room and felt very much a part of the family. She felt “her” chair was the center of the living room (as indeed it was).

Misha also wanted her family to know more about her life before she came to then. She explained that she often “journaled” about her experiences – I’m not quite sure what this means in dog language, but she showed me a mental picture of herself writing in a book – and she also said that she kept in touch with the people “back home” but did not miss them in the least. She didn’t elaborate although I was most curious.

Also Misha’s owner had asked me specifically to find out what Misha’s life had been like before they adopted her. Misha did not choose to communicate anything else about her former life. She believed that it was the past and she should live for today. This news was a wonderful relief to Misha’s owners.

I think that sometimes people are worried that their pets will “rat” on them to a psychic! This is never the case. Pets are the most unconditionally loving creatures in the world. Their desire is to express themselves. They are never critical.

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