Tribute to Mister Rogers, the INFP par excellence


Mister Rogers’ chart has a majority of Aquarian/Piscean 11th and 12th house energy, revealing himself to be both saintly and innovative.  You can see his depth and genuine concern for feelings in three places, Moon in Pisces, Sun at 29 degree Pisces (conjunct Scheat, the malevolent Fixed Star) and Saturn in the 8th house.

The classical description of Scheat is as follows:  extreme misfortune, drowning (includes pneumonia), murder, rapidly gaining and losing friends, unpredictable nature, inclined to fantasize.

Underneath every astrology chart is a Soul that is using the energy and Mister Roger’s Soul was able to use Scheat very differently than this description.  That is why the Fixed Star energy must be read with experience and a sense of the person using the chart.

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~ by nancyfenn on June 16, 2007.

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