Would You Like Your Chart Rectified?

This is by Sara-Ann who does a fantastic job of rectifying.  Rectifying is finding out your exact time of birth if it is in question.

Here is the info she would like from you:

1) day, month and year of birth;

2) city, state and/or country of birth (if born outside of the U.S.);

2) The time of birth recorded on birth certificate;

3) A list of dates for some major life events such as (but not limited to):

– sibling(s) born/adopted on (m/d/yy);

– moved to new house/apt on (m/d/yy) – provide all known as well as the city & state or country;

– parents divorced on (m/d/yy);

– grandparent(s) died on m/d/yy);

– other close family or friend(s) died on (m/d/yy);

– first date/romantic experience on (m/d/yy);

– started first job on (m/d/yy);

– dropped out of or graduated high school on (m/d/yy);

– dropped out of or graduated college on (m/d/yy);

– serious romantic relationship started on (m/d/yy) – provide all for which at least approximate dates are known;

– got married on (m/d/yy);

– child(ren) born on (m/d/yy);

– got divorced on (m/d/yy);

– job promotion and/or loss on (m/d/yy);

– went back to school on (m/d/yy);

– changed professional field on (m/d/yy);

– significant illness or injury started on (m/d/yy);

– received inheritence on (m/d/yy);

– won something significant on (m/d/yy);

– lost something significant on (m/d/yy) 

To clarify, she doesn’t need you to research and send her the dates for every single event from the above examples – and it’s OK if you can’t get the exact day of the month & year for some of the events you can provide.  It helps to be as specific and accurate as possible, but she can certainly work with some of the events dated as merely “spring 1988” or “fall 1972”, for example.   

Also, you can send her types of important events other than what is listed above.  Please just be sure to briefly describe each event you do send (nothing detailed, merely “first marriage on (m/d/yy)”, or “got promoted on (m/d/yy)”, etc.).

Oh, and can you tell her what line(s) of work the person is in?  What are favorite activities/hobbies?  What’s the style of conversation – animated, rambling and tangential, or something different? 

As for the photos, she doesn’t really need them, esp. if they would have to brave a trip through the mail!  😉 

To contact Sara-Ann:  astrosa1@yahoo.com


~ by nancyfenn on June 14, 2007.

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