Edward Scissorhands, an INFP Icon?

Edward Scissorhands, an INFP Icon?

Well, like I said, it’s like being Edward Scissorhands. The inability to communicate and have the world be afraid of you. You want to reach out and touch them, but you sense that you probably would harm them. I always feel lost in a sea of magical ideas, concepts, and visions of the world. I feel broken down all the time with no one to relate or understand.

I am a reoccurent visitor of the astral planes, which is a blessing, because in those worlds, we communicate w/o words and there is no judgement for feeling. It’s as though a universal language is spoken and always understood. But, I always feel even more lonely upon return to this earthy plane which I feel I am not of.

Life isn’t bad, I make do getting by working for an non-profit organization.

But this particular non-profit continues to become more of a corporation every day. I feel I’ve cheated my soul already by participating and I’m only 26. I try to hold onto the idea that one day I will have the means to put myself in an environment that nurtures my innate sensitivity and creativity. I also own a small business as an energy healer (go figure).

But I’m lacking in confidence so I seem to actually deter clients from coming to me. Right now, I feel depressed. But I’m glad I had the opportunity to recently discover my INFPism. It has brought me back to who I am. I’ve spent the last two years hiding like a cancer under my own skin, hoping the skin will thicken and I won’t have to interact on a personal level and be rejected and misunderstood ever again. I’ve re-gained my confidence to understand that this is my gift to the world. So, thank you INFP’s for that gift.
Jennifer, a ge 26, jenncole12@yahoo.com, website www.innerologies.com


~ by nancyfenn on June 5, 2007.

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