Sasha, an infp from Bulgaria …

For me being an INFP is amazing. Yes, it was hard sometimes. And is still. But I learn how to give space myself. What I found being very helpful to gain my energy back is playing. Yes, being alone, reading, listening to music, painting, singing, meditation, walking in the nature, swimming… helps a lot. But I guess you will giggle happily when you remember your last play/game with a dog, cat, kid or beloved one… So when I notice I need my space but it is impossible to withdraw this very moment, I try to start playing, turn thing into game. Even only for myself. And it works. Something else I have learned recently: I become depressed when I do not share my healing energy. It needs to be given away. So next month I will participate in a Shamanic Energy Healing Training. I felt it is right for me. Yes, I learned it is very important to trust my intuition. It is a matter of life and deth. 🙂 And really I can not lead this kind of “normal” life. I know much of human potencial is not used yet and I want to unerstand how it can happen. And yes, maybe for those rationals I am irrational being (woman!) but for me it is very practical. The existence of the planet depends on that – to find out how people to stop being afraid so much, because “thinking”  has power to CALL into being/existence the thoughts. And I start with myself. Exploring what is in me – emotions, mind, spirit, body. I go to therapy, also do meditations, meet people who know I am not crazy:) and nourish me. And I can continue forever… Because writing is another way to put myself together… Wish you well and thanks for the website.  

Sasha, from
Bulgaria, age 26:


~ by nancyfenn on May 28, 2007.

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