Saturn in Virgo? Perfection versus Completion or Wholeness

A special message to Saturn in Virgo.  The last time Saturn was in Virgo, 1950, the Catholic Church issued dogma about the bodily assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven, the dogmatic statement of the quaternity, of 3 becoming 4. Taken literally this is all nonsense, but taken psychologically it is important for it is the inclusion of the earthy feminine element in the heavenly Trinity. Jung was jubilant about this but it has come and gone and has been mostly forgotten and hardly anyone has noticed.

If something is excluded, it becomes the adversary and looks evil to us. It is a general principle that anything rejected from one’s psyche becomes hostile.  It must be handled carefully.  If one has antagonized the wolf, one does not just open the door and say, “Come on in.”

~from “He” by Robert A. Johnson

This idea of wholeness and completion versus perfection is deep Saturn in Virgo territory.

Johnson continues:  regarding replacing the image of perfection with Wholeness …   perfection suggests something all pure with no blemishes, dark spots or questionable areas.  Wholeness includes even the darkness but combines the dark elements with the light elements into a totality.  Generally speaking, the Christian striving has been toward goodness and perfection, not towards wholeness and completion.  The movement toward wholeness is a formidable task, for it always involves us in paradox. 


~ by nancyfenn on April 18, 2007.

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