Robert Johnson on the Number 3

Numbers in mythology and dreams are often highly instructive.  Four seems to represent completeness, peace, stability, timelessness.

Three, on the other hand, represents urgency, incompleteness, restlessness and striving. 

When one is in the dilemma of three, if one is struggling with three, he must increase it to four or reduce it to one; these are the only bearable solutions or possibilities.

If he can’t go forward, the best thing is to reduce the symbol to one and then he can function again.

Sometmes if one is in a paralyzing dilemma, he must reduce his consciousness a bit just in order to function.  If he can go ahead, can progress to the next number, then of course this is the best of all.  But if he can’t, he must regress a little just to save himself and function again.

Two is bad because one  gets stuck in its duality.  One and four are workable.  Two and three are difficult, unstable, incomplete; they are stages one has to go through and are worthy of one’s respect but one may not  tarry there.

from “He” by Robert A. Johnson


~ by nancyfenn on April 18, 2007.

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