Something for Married Women to Think About

I once made the acquaintance of a very venerable personage, in fact, one might easily call him a saint.  I stalked round him for three whole days, but never a mortal failling did I find in him.  My feeling of inferiority grew ominous and I was beginning to thinnk seriously of how I might better myself.  Then, on the fourth day [how convenient … Jung loved to contemplate 3-1/2 or three becoming four) the wife came to consult me….  Well, nothing of the sort has ever happened to me since.  But this I did learn:  that any man who becomes one with his persona [his idea of his own perfection], can cheerfully let all disturbances manifest themselves through his wife without her noticing it though she pays for her self sacrifice with a bad neurosis.

~Karl Jung


~ by nancyfenn on March 31, 2007.

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