Crystal Patterns




AJ (died in car crash at 30, Prague)

Alan Greenspan

These are the crystal patterns astrology charts make.  They fascinate me.  I think I’m the only astrologer who does this .  I include them in full written reports but would like to make them more widely available.  I have to have your date,  time and place of birth and have to spend time  getting the graphic ready, so I’m offering these for $25 plus an explanation of what your pattern means.

There are basically Splash, Splay, Bundle, Locomotive, Bowl, Bucket, and See-Saw.  There are a few major striking configurations such as Grand Trines (big triangles), Grand Crosses (big squares) and the Kite (it looks like a big kite spread across the chart).

Order yours today for just $25:

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~ by nancyfenn on March 31, 2007.

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