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The stars are only the father of your fate. The mother is your own soul. – Johannes Kepler
(Hajo Banzhaf found his beautiful quote – thank you, Hajo!)
Is astrology fatalistic?
No. Astrology acknowledges the existence of free will … yet [man] is free only within bounds. It is no more fatalistic to assume that a human being is programmed for spiritual growth than to admit that the body is the result of a genetic heritage. The supposition that man is subject to incontrovertible laws is as much an expression of faith as of fatalism.

The illuminating idea behind astrology is that the universe is lawful on a mental and moral, as well as physical plane. Only by working with and within the plan of creation can one achieve any real measure of freedom. The astrologer endeavors to discover what nature wants him to do, and then cooperates in carrying out this purpose. – Marcia Moore – Mark Douglas

Every culture has its own astrology – the consciousness of that culture determines what level of understanding they can have of astrology. This is also why importing extremely fatalistic German or extremely fatalistic Indian types of astrology is often rather hopeless and often rather useless with intelligent Westerners who don’t have that type of consciousness. I’m not saying that it’s worthless to study those things. But to import it intact and try to pretend that it can apply to all modern Americans will get you into a bit of trouble. – Stephen Arroyo, astrologer

Pluto represents … socially inescapable result of what the “collective mind” of previous generations had thought out, visualized, and set in operation.
But this Pluto, which is social fate (or at a higher level, spiritual-cosmic necessity or Karma), for already grown or growing individuals produces instead opportunities … to solve the problems of the “collective mind”. No natal planet ever represents fate or some inevitable outcome. It is, on the contrary, God’s solution to one of the newborn’s typical problems. – Dane Rudhyar, astrologer

The stars and planets and constellations decide not one’s fate. – Zarathushtra


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