Great Advice for INFPs from Gina


Reading the thoughts & feelings of others like me I feel like I’m part of a club. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. I can relate to so much of what is expressed here, but like in true INFP fashion  I’d like to share with other INFP a little bit of wisdom that I’ve picked up along the way. If it can help another INFP soften his or her journey, then I’m happy to share.

First of all:  

1. Be yourself! Make this your first priority and don’t succumb to peer pressure.  2. Don’t allow others to dominate you, even if it means drawing a line to keep them out. Give yourself the time and space you need and don’t feel guilty about it. Don’t explain yourself, just do it.   One of my favorite things to do is take myself on nature retreats. When I’m feeling stressed I love to go to the beach and just stare at the ocean for days on end. It’s good to do it during the off-season when no one is around. I bring a few good books with me, sketch, take photographs, or write and I’m a peace. 3. If someone hurts you, strike back (appropriately). You’ll feel a lot better. Being a martyr is not healthy.



~ by nancyfenn on March 18, 2007.

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