The Healing Power of Illness by Thorwald Dethlefsen

This is a book that challenges accepted ideas of exactly what illness really is. The patient is not the innocent victim of some quirk of nature, but actually brings about his or her own sickness. Symptoms are bodily expressions of psychological conflicts, able through their symbolism to reveal the patient’s true problems. This radical book is for people who are prepared to cast aside traditional notions of illness, who long to explore more deeply their inner nature – people whose goal is enlightenment.

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One man’s opinion:

Heady, fantastic read for those who are open to the broader viewpoint. To me, the book says basically that we need to evolve away from hating, disliking, shunning or rejecting certain ideas, people, places, and so on. We need to become whole. Jesus said we should “love one another,” and I believe Paul Twitchell said, “Never find fault, never criticize.” One reason for this is, as Healing Power points out, things we reject/hate just show up in our lives as illness. They show up so we can confront them – because we must! Life wants us to become whole, loving, enlightened – however you like to put it.   And there’s much more here. Highly recommended – along with The Flute of God, another major, more-than-inspiring book.  

This book is for the brave few, who want to know why something happens to them , why they get diseases, how to interpret them, and more importantly to take ownership and responsibility for their illness, rather than blaming germs, viruses, genes and the like.

The style of the authors is about the best that I have ever read, honest, blunt, and to the point. A must book for the few people who are ready to look within. 

For those who find meaning in the books of Louise Hay and other “heal yourself” thinkers, this seminal work may come as a surprise. Originally published in German in 1983, it is in fact the forerunner of many books written in the ’90s about the mind/body connection. Deeper and more powerful than the more popular works, it is a perfect gem. When you read about the influence of the mind on our various body systems, you will instantly recognize the symptoms and connecting psychology of your friends, your family, and even yourself. There’s more than theory here, too – you’ll find questions that will have you re-examining every concept you ever had about illness.

Nancy’s note:  I read this book in the early eighties and agree with what is said here.  If you really want to “get better”, get serious!  Read this book.


~ by nancyfenn on March 5, 2007.

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