From an Islamic Introvert

when it comes to being introverted, i think i’m probably the most introverted person around, in my entire neighbourhood. the reason for this being that i love to sit at home. i live at home.

people don’t often like me but i later found out why. i take immense pride in whatever i do. i later found out that people find perfectionistic work offensive!

i’m totally self-absorbed. i don’t relate to other people. in school i was mocked and treated harshly. i think people envied me and the teachers also burdened me with so much of homework.

back then i didn’t really understand but i was going to school against my will. i really did not want to go to school having my life at home. i was really forced to go there. everyday was a dreadful experience.

i became an extravert somehow when i finally left my home.

an extravert is something totally differnt. happier-much happier to my surprize. it was interesting to note in a website that extraverts are happier in a prozac kind of way.

i suppose i’m 100% introverted, and my entire life i’ve been trying for people to get to like me. being so self-centred, i realized once when i became an extravert how i was mocked harshly in public.

i’ve just learnt that there are 2 types of people in this world. extraverts, who are very different people from me. and to my surprize, even though i believe i’m quite happy, i really am just deceived by that outside world.

At the end of the day I suppose, everyone worships the same God. Our outlooks on life are different, but we experience happiness in different ways


~ by nancyfenn on February 14, 2007.

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