Wonderful INTP Profundity from a Reader

What’s it like to be an INTP?

Someone mentioned the chameleon aspect of INTPs. I’m not so sure it’s that we’re considerate, so much as that we do not comprehend social events. I think it’s an automatic, yet unnatural part of us. It spawns, I think, from other temperaments grooming us into it, as they do with social niceties and fashion. After all, our mood will not change due to whatever someone else is saying (excepting if what they’re saying is actually important, but even then we’d simply note the fact, not show it a reaction), and when we were younger, people would get confused why we seemingly didn’t care about what they were saying, and then we’d inadvertently wound their feelings.

To avoid that, on a subconscious level anyway, we match the mood of the speaker. This way we avoid unnecessary confrontation. Even still, I don’t know about all of us, but I have difficulty understanding why people get upset over some things. Being upset won’t fix the problem, it’s simply not worth as much energy as you’re putting into it. If you care so much, fix it.

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~ by nancyfenn on February 1, 2007.

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