Saturn and Neptune in Libra

The group of you born with Saturn and Neptune in Libra have special challenges with finding the right balance in relationships.  Libra is generally considered to be the real “crucible” in the wheel – a very hard energy to get right.  You have it deeply subconscious and also carry it for your heritage and generation.  With Saturn and Neptune together you can be dangerously out of touch with reality in this regard perhaps based on some fundamental lies in the childhood famiily structure.  It is almost impossible for your group to tell the bad guys from the good guys.

First of all I would closely examine events in your life looking for issues to do with passive/aggressive, with drawing doormat vs. tyrannical people into your life or playing one of those roles yourself and then to balance it of course the other.  Many of you get involved with downright sociopaths as “partners” and never notice it!

If you are characteristic of your age group you will find it hard to admit any of this.   I’ve seen some with this placement struggle mightily to find that heavenly place called assertion.  I would certainly read as much about sheer Libra energy as I could.  My Moon is in Libra and my Mom was a Libra Sun and Moon so I do know whereof I speak. 

Having Saturn there is even more challenging.  Another way these have played out among those I read for is getting caught in the “trappings” of relating while somehow always missing the heart and soul of it.  Thus the ability to fall for a sociopath or borderline personanlity in partnering. 

There is often too much keeping score or wondering “who’s on top” as Michael Lutin says.  Also Libra is famous for the fine mannerisms, courtly conduct, elaborate expectations, all very superficial and damaging in the long run to a marriage or business partnership that lasts longer than the honeymoon stage.  It is difficult to grasp that one must always be responsible for creating a relationship one will be willing to stay in which requires balancing needs, forgiveness rather than the eternal Libra scorekeeoing and how to vent resentment in a healthy way – sometimes you have to take the smile off your face when someone steps on your feet and you must do it long before you are absolutely seething with hostility and resentment. 

For lessons in honest, direct engagement I recommend two things:  study a good Aries in action (they are actually the best in the zodiac at viable relationships) and also take some martial arts and take it seriously.  For none more than your group, life is a mirror.


~ by nancyfenn on December 22, 2006.

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