From a 14 Year Old INFP

the healer? That is what we are, the healer, the poet… the idealist, we are to say the least; lucky, we are the people others turn to… and for that we are rewarded and punsihed. Oh are we punished! We the introvertic healer, we are forced to meet people, which we or at least I do not enjoy, but can we not admit to… enjoy it? We, at least I, love to help others, even at my own expense, and while I may sometimes mess up, i can always say that I helped. My skills have brought me to meet many confused people, and I don’t mind, they are the people I most like… I like that they need my help, and I guess that is where I recieve my peace, I cope through others happiness, happiness that I help them obtain. Even in my tight group of friends, only three others, I am the healer, the poet… and above all else the idealist. The healer? that is what I will always be.

This was contributed by a 14-year old teen.

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~ by nancyfenn on October 14, 2006.

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