Bad Rap for Introverts

From an article by Demir Barlas:

“The obvious application may be to hire a new employee, but Pisapia points out that the PI contains plenty of decision support for other work-related decisions. A company could group highly structured, guidance-dependent introverts together into a back-office position supervised by an effective, conscientious delegator; or a company could mix and match aggressive and patient personalities on an open-ended R&D project in order to get different perspectives. The possibilities are unlimited.” 

Not only is this wrong, it is very demeaning to introverts, most of whom are self starters, independent and ciritical thinkers.  Most of us would rather die than work under one of thos personality-less bureaucratic drones.

Write this guy  and set him straight:  Demir Barlas is the author of Power People at this URL address


~ by nancyfenn on September 19, 2006.

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