Acupuncture Wisdom

Therefore, if an emotional problem is just beginning, or if it is not too strong, one can simply treat the heart, perhaps including the liver, if this later organ is also involved. In other words, in uncomplicated emotional disturbances, you simply treat the emotion at its source: the heart and liver. Only if the emotion lingers for a long time or becomes very severe will it gravitate to additional organs and cause damage to them.

The specific organ targeted by each emotion is listed in chapter five of the Su Wen, which states,

“Excess anger damages the liver;

excess joy damages the heart;

excessive pensiveness damages the spleen;

excess sorrow damages the lung;

excess fear damages the kidneys.”

The Nei Jing does not specify target organs for anxiety (you) and fright (jing), but these emotions are generally believed to affect the lungs and kidneys, respectively.


~ by nancyfenn on September 13, 2006.

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