The Drama of the Gifted Child

Nancy,A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting you and sitting with you for an amazing reading.  I wanted to just touch base and let you know that already that reading has had a huge impact on my life.  What you told me about XXX was so insightful, because I can see what happens it’s actually been easier than I thought to kind of keep [THIS PERSON] on the outside looking in.  So needless to say there are a lot of things that when it comes to [THIS PERSON] I am keeping to myself. 

I also bought and read the Drama of the Gifted Child within a week after our meeting and you are right I got so much out of that book.  It should be required reading for everyone on this planet!  I actually have it on loan to a friend right now and she said that it’s helping her as well. 

I had to order the Sea Priestess online and it arrived about a week after our meeting.  I was so excited to read it and see what it is that I would get from it and I can tell you that whatever it was I was so blocked to getting.  I started reading the book the day I got it and I just finished it last week.  It took me 10 weeks to read the book.  After finishing the book I thought it very appropriate that I ended up finishing it 2 days after the full moon while out at XXX for the week, where I spent every night sleeping out on the top deck of the house boat under the moonlight.  I’m still taking it all in… so I’m not sure that I can put into words yet what I got out of reading the book. 

I must say that I also and getting better at trusting my initial gut instincts when I meet people and it’s proving to be useful and yet my trust issues show up immediately as I see myself 2nd guess my own intuition.  I have followed my gut and not called XXX ….  I hope that all is well with you and that you are enjoying the wind down of summer…Until we meet again…Smiles,


~ by nancyfenn on August 22, 2006.

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