Well, What Can I Say? You know I didn’t make this one up!

Wow , I had JUST sent a reply to your email & then found your report in my junkmail box! Besides being extremely right on & one of the best interps I’ve ever read, [I sometimes found myself laughing out loud at your directness] it was very helpful in many ways. I am grateful & you are good. But then you know that, just like I can see myself  in many of the profile possibilities you presented. If this is an indication of the level of work you do, I am interested. I would like a chance to contribute $ to your efforts also, and I will. [So you weren’t entirely correct in all your assessments! Hah hah] .

Thank you, for even if it was not pleasant for you & you may dislike me, you did an excellent job!


~ by nancyfenn on August 21, 2006.

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