Where Were You in 1989?

In the last week of August and the first 10 days of September the major planetary aspects for the year occur and there are two. Jupiter trines Uranus and this can bring exciting opportunities and progressive new ventures to begin in life, and is obviously very helpful.T he other one though is Saturn opposing Neptune and this is a long-term transit (once every 35 years) and can be unsettling to some, deeply questioning, deals with matters of responsible activity (or the opposite) and can challenge areas of security.

This can be a low point in the year for some, but act as a watershed at the same time, dissolving some obstacles or allowing some to reach for their goals in a more committed way. For those who follow this guide and have done for some time, this planetary connection has fascinated me since they conjoined together in 1989, as you would be aware when I go off at a tangent (like Juliette of the Herbs), as you can do with these planets.

The year of 1989 and 2006 are intrinsically linked and it is more apparent from August 25 to exact connection 31st until 9 September. The long-term sustainability of anything comes under the microscope, Governments and their decisions fall under this connection and can either be seen as too little or insensitivity by some, to a strong reappraisal for the poor or oppressed, or environmental needs in our world by others. It can show the futility of some action or where some have just lost their way. These two force either confrontation or co-operation to occur between people. There is always a choice in life, but this connection, always seems to be a little bit ambiguous, or unclear and is one connection that works on FEAR AND IRRATIONAL THINKING – so be aware of falling into a depressive trap, just face your problems and do not feel overwhelmed, work on what you can change.

This is quoted from another astrology website which  I have lost track of.  If you recognize it, please let me know so I can give proper credit.

In 1989 I was let go by my employer of 12 years. In the severance, he gave me the house I’ve been living in. This week I sold that house and that is my last tie with him. He was a very great blessing in my life.


~ by nancyfenn on August 20, 2006.

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