Are You Allergic to People?


I have a short question.    The contents in your website have been very useful; it allows me to accept me for who I am.    Many thanks for that!!!

I think I am an INTJ.    I hope to write a brief introduction about myself as an INTJ.     

As I get older (I am 25), I feel like my brain is out of order.     Whenever I am around people, I would become exhausted fast.   Then I would develop physical symptoms such as nauseous, backache, partial hair loss, and you name it.   

I always feel that I am allergic to people.   When I was young, I was always stressed.    I did not look stress but I knew I was stressed.   I was living with four other people in a two-bedroom apartment.   I have been overweight since I was a child. 

It was hard coming to work because of using the public transit and being around people.  I would get physical symptoms.   I used to go to social gatherings but I noticed I tend to become ill fast.  
I find it very difficult to be in classes from a local university.   It was hard to be in a room full of people.   Within half-hour, I’d become restless.  I’d become nauseous and dizzy. 

It’s when I realized that being an introvert is an orientation.   Whenever I am alone (without crowds), I am very energtic.   I had my one week vacation and I was able to do my things.

I have been almost always stressed out.    I tend to be obsessive about small details.     I tend to overeat.   I tend to be pessimistic about things (probably because of being obessed with small details).

I did go for medical opinions and they said I am fine.

I really want to go back to school.   But I am to the point where I can no longer compromise my introversion.    The question is: am I sane to think I am probably “allergic” to people?   In other words, is it a sign that I am an extreme introvert?   I think it is all about energy management.  Right?

Thanks for your time!


Nancy’s comments:  S, you hit the nail on the head.  That is exactly how I’d describe it!   Things to do are:  limit your interactions with others, participate quickly in each class to get it over with for that session (to get it off your mind), live alone so you have a retreat to go to, wear earphones and listen to your own type of music for “white noise”.

Yes, introverts could be described as being allergic to people!

Use immune system boosters such as Arbonne’s anti-oxident.  This much stress needs to be addressed positively as well as eliminating things.


~ by nancyfenn on August 15, 2006.

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