The Mug & Mel Gibson

The Mug

Why am I not surprised by Mel Gibson’s expose of himself?  I knew there was some reason I didn’t want to see “Passion of Christ”.  It is utterly unChristlike.

HowEVER one man’s lifelong battle with alcoholism is another matter and a tragic one.  The residivism rate on alcoholism is about 100% and it is a fatal disease.  Gibson is saying and doing all the things alcoholics are taught to do in 12-step recovery, making amends, etc.  It’s just that sometimes you can’t really make amends.  He is a sacrifice to alcoholics everywhere for doing it in public and allowing us all to see the human cost of this disease.

GIbson went south under a transit involving Uranus a planet that rules and troules most alcoholics.. You’d think it was Neptune but it’s not.

Here is Gibson’s chart:

I think it’s pretty obvious Gibson is working out some sado-masochistic issues in his fillms, at least.  His Saturn is at 29 Scorpio in the 5th, conijunct Mars and he has Mercury at 29 degrees Capricorn. Not much of a childhood.

At the time this happened Uranus was squaring his 6th and 12th house Nodes from the 9th.  This does seem to have something to do with love and sacrifice.  Perhaps to win his father’s love he had to swallow the Medieval Catholic anti-Jewish tradition whole.

Just a thought.

This is one deeply masochistic. possibly sadistic, troubled man.

I’m not writing anything in stone here but uuuuuuuuuuuuusually when someone is this massively ppower-hungry AND self destructive and uuuuuuuuuuusually when someone mixes every issue in their life up with “religion” — well, ok, then, quuuuuuuuuite often — some type of sexual abuse took place.  As a born sleuth (Scorp Rising and other things), I’ve always suspected this man was raped or abused by a much older and bigger man, possible You Know Who, but this is just astroguesswork.  BUt in short this transit would make him almost compelled to “out” with the truth and since that is impossible in children of taboo acts (they are usually threatened with annihlation of themselves or another loved one), he displaced onto the Jews as he is wont to do, probably taught to do, actually.

Can you figure this out from the chart?  14 Cancer Rising (the body of this man) is extremely vulnerable, by the way. Something about that degree of Cancer.


~ by nancyfenn on August 2, 2006.

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