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In today’s mail …

My daughter is just over three and is quite the introvert. Your website has been invaluable in helping me find the language to explain her needs to family and friends. I wish I had read about this when she was a baby, it would have made our lives much easier.

Do you train or run courses in XXx? I am finding that our Preschools and Primary schools still do not know much about introversion. They wish to keep my daughter back in classes until she becomes more ‘sociable’ and talkative. I know that she enjoys her kindy but she often takes a day to get around to talking about what she has learned.

How do I approach the education system in a positive and constructive way?

I am a Secondary school teacher and I now cringe at our system of reporting to parents and the amount of times we have ventured to make introverts participate more in class etc. I know that I will have to listen to this many times in the future and would like to start some advocacy work or at least have some access to support networks in our area- I am obviously not the only parent with these concerns.

If you have any suggestions or contacts in Xxx I would be very interested.

Nancy’s Note:  I suggested looking for MBTI programs.


~ by nancyfenn on July 3, 2006.

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