Jesus was an INFJ

 Ross, a 53 year old INFJ, writes:  “I have known I was an INFJ for a very long time. I found my niche in the corporate world in strategic planning leading the long term thinking and difusing the internal power games, making a more creative, focussed and caring organisation. However, until recently, I felt that no one I knew felt or perceived things like me. Then I encountered and made a few INFJ friends and for the first time discovered people I really related to…I had found some soul mates.

“INFJs need to be in at least one or two close, harmonious, caring, deeply understanding, passionate relationships. Without these, they have lonely lives.

“Their main weakness in relationships with the opposite sex is that they tend mostly to put the others needs/feelings before their own. They find it hard to ask for their own needs to be met. They do not like to burden others with their issues. So they suffer in silence and often burn out. It is important that an INFJ make their own needs known to their partner. A successful relationship reqires both partners to be aware of the others most important emotional needs and to be committed to meet them.

“The hardest thing to deal with for an INFJ is our inner intensity. We have perspective on the grandest of scales and easily see what is most important. We do not “chase windmills” like the INFP, we pursue the ideals and goals that will truly change the heart of things and make people lives better.

“Leo Tolstoy, an INFJ and one of the greatest writers in history, had his life consumed by one question … “what possible purpose has my life that the inevitability of death does not destroy?” This is the etrnal question of the INFJ.

“By the way, Jesus was an INFJ.”

Aside from that little and somewhat unfair swipe at us INFPs (awww, we’re not that unrealistic, are we?), this is such a great post about INFJs.  Here’s someone who really knows how to use that energy constructively.  I’d add to this that an INFJ who doesn’t acknowledge their vision (far-seeing) and their obligation to straighten out the ethics of a situation is lost indeed.  INFJs encounter evil not because it is ubiquitous but because that is their forte, sorting evil from good.  [Nancy]

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~ by nancyfenn on June 13, 2006.

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